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Searching for Noah's Ark on Ararat
Currently there are many Ark Researchers who are actively involved in searching Noah's Ark on MASIS and the surrounding mountains. Millions of dollars have been wasted and many explorers and innocent people have perished over centuries on the mountain searching for the Ark.
Recently a large wooden structure (most likely an Ancient Cultural Structure) was discovered on MASIS (in an undisclosed location), where many claims were made that it could possibly be the true Ark of Noah ( As we know from the historical facts (i.e. 1st century "Antiquities of the Jews" by Josephus), that after the flood people were greatly afraid of lower grounds and built habitations high on the mountain (please see the highlighted frame - Chapter 4 of the book).
The true Ark of Noah is positioned at the NE face of the MASIS at ~15,500 feet elevation (above Ahora Gorge). From the beginning of the history (after the deluge) Armenians have always been the guardians of the true Ark of Noah which is positioned at: 39° 42' 33.07 N 44° 18' 1.26 E (published in May of 2013 by BSM Research)

Noah's Ark Observed as function of Glacial Coverage and Solar Storm Cycles:

One needs to pay attention to glacial coverage and solar storm cycles to observe the ship. The Ark of Noah is observed as a function of SSN (Solar Storm Cycles) and TSI (Total Solar Irradiance) at lower amplitude years. The TSI (Irradiance) is function of Solar Storm frequency (Sunspots). Best time TO SEE THE SHIP on MASIS is at minimum amplitude for SSN and TSI.

 The Ark of Noah observed by key eyewitness accounts when Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) is at the minimum amplitudes (prepared by BSM Research)

The Ark of Noah observed by key eyewitness accounts when the Global Temperature Index (GTI) is at maximum amplitudes (prepared by BSM Research)


39° 42' 33.07 N 44° 18' 1.26 E; 15,532 ft (4,734 m)


Josephus' Antiquities, Book I, Chapter 4 states clearly...the folks did not immediately leave the area...

Ark coordinates with respect to the position of Armenian Churches:

Both of the Armenian churches Khor Virap and St. Jacob (St. James) are pointing toward the Ark positioned at the North East face of the mountain (MASIS). Using Google Earth Digital Globe Satellite images one can draw a straight line from Khor Virap church located in Armenia all the way to the Ark coordinates (GE Digital Globe coordinates)  at ~15,500 feet elevation. The 1840 destroyed St. Jacob (St. James) church at the elevation of ~2,100 meters (~6,900 feet) in between the Cross Stones (Khachkars at the surrounding vicinity) would have been positioned on the same line (see redline below).

Using Google Earth Digital Globe by drawing a straight line (redline) from Khor Virap church to the Ark coordinates one can position the location of the St. James church (destroyed in 1840) at the lower plane of MASIS

Ararat from Khor Virap Church

The Ark of Noah is the Heritage of the World (scientific and cultural...). And it is God's WARNING on what is coming upon the New Earth as the 2nd Judgment by Fire (Matthew 24).