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Scientific Evidence
Ararat717 has conducted numerous trips to Mt. Ararat to study the glacier condition by careful photographic documentation, analysis and studies. The structure of the Ark is in rapid deterioration due to water damage of melting glaciers as result of global warming. And needs to be preserved by the international scientific community ASAP.

The Real Ark of Noah (2015):

Correlation of Arslan 1989 to Amirkhanian 2015 (Ark height / width):

Close up images of the Ark (2011):

The following frames indicate high correlation for the 1985-2011 photos (Access Zone):

Ark coordinates posted by the BSM Research:

Ark Altitude at 15,500 ft on Mt. Ararat (NE face of MASIS)
Imaging Confirmed:
The commonality of artifact imaging characteristics that exists has been confirmed (see below plates) by BSM Research. And this concludes that it is Noah's Ark at:
 39°42'33.07" N / 44°18'1.26" E

To observe the ship the LOS needs to be at nearly zero and the glacier need to be displaced away from the ship

Note from publishers on recent censorship of Digital Globe Satellite imagery on Google Earth

Our WEB site was launched at 7:17 AM on 7-17 of 2014 to commemorate the day Noah's Ark came to rest on Mount Ararat (in the seventh month, the seventeenth day of the month - Genesis 8:4).
Six days later on 7/23/2014 MASIS Imagery for 2013 and 2014 Digital Globe for Google Earth was REPLACED with Older Images (Glacial Covered Ark Coordinates) of 2005-2010 when Noah's Ark was still buried under the glacier/ice. Obviously Google Earth reverts to no later than 2005-2010 GE / DG frames to cover the Ark. The picture below clearly demonstrates the lines where the image has been doctored.

Google Earth Obscuration of Noah's Ark:

We view this action of Google Earth / Digital Globe as CONFIRMATION FOR OUR RESEARCH WORK and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of  THE EXISTENCE of Noah's Ark.